Frequently Asked Question

What are the details of your “Add to Locker” shipping option?

We know that paying in advance for an item sucks and paying shipping for a single item is even worse. During checkout use the “Add to Locker” option to add the item to your “Locker”. It will stay there until you are ready to pick up or have it combined with other items and shipped to you. 

We reserve the right to ship out orders once enough product has already arrived and you already qualify for free shipping. We would love to indefinitely store items for our customers however are limited in storage space. Please ensure you contact us prior to leaving for an extended period of time or moving to a new address to insure your package is received.

After 3 months we reserve the right to cancel an item from your order to cover the cost of shipping currently in-stock items if your order does not qualify for free shipping or charge a 1$ per day storage fee.

Once you are ready for your items to ship just send an email to specifying which items you would like to have released for shipping. We will prepare your order and send you an invoice for the shipping cost. Our standard $14.99 flat rate per shipment still applies as well as free shipping on orders over $99 (before taxes).